Sustained change begins at the grassroots - developed out of local needs and aspirations. Whether you are developing a comprehensive program or taking an incremental approach, it can be helpful to have a guide to help you along your way. While there are no "silver bullet" answers, Evolv-Ed can help you ask the right questions. Each consulting service can be tailored to be responsive to your needs.

Ideation and Concept Creation

Forming an Initial Vision

Curating Relevant Research

Identifying Key Stakeholders

Facilitating Decision Making

Logistics and Strategic Planning

Timelines & Scheduling



Spaces and Resources

Curriculum Development

Project Based Learning

Interdisciplinary Approaches

Student-Centered Approaches

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Approaches

Social and Emotional Learning Approaches

Assessment & Standards Based Grading

Community Building and Outreach

Identifying and Engaging with Local Resources

Place Based Learning

Local Community Relations

Within Schools/District Engagement

Collaboration and Team Dynamics

Co-Teaching Models

Conflict Resolution

Facilitating Student Collaboration

Supervision & Evaluation Support